Social Media & Conversations: @MicahBales , @PeterRollins , @RedLetterXns & the ‘God for Lent’ Dust-up

I’m sorry but the article you are looking for has been removed. You can read it at the author’s personal blog. OK,  points for re-linking over to Micah’s blog for that post.  But I have so many  points at which I am feeling embarassed for how RLC handled this. 1.  NEVER do that.  Let comments expound the conversation.  I Continue Reading

Love this post by @BrainMerritt in support of @MicahBales

I concur deeply.  In other words,  a hearty amen on just about every point.   I’m disappointed  in RLC,  as I have been over the past year in the “social justice” orgs and their strange,  what I can only identify as “reticence” to really be a support and encourager and enabler and participants with the Occupy movement.  To say “they Continue Reading