Love this post by @BrainMerritt in support of @MicahBales

I concur deeply.  In other words,  a hearty amen on just about every point.   I’m disappointed  in RLC,  as I have been over the past year in the “social justice” orgs and their strange,  what I can only identify as “reticence” to really be a support and encourager and enabler and participants with the Occupy movement.  To say “they (Occupy) helped start a conversation” is certainly true,  but it can’t stop there.  The church needs to be “full-throated” and energetically resource-ful  in ENABLING the movement and TEACHING their communities about what the Occupy movement says to us (SHOULD say to us)  theologically and spiritually.

I also love this post by @glassdimlyfaith  (Jeremy John)

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