Social Media & Conversations: @MicahBales , @PeterRollins , @RedLetterXns & the ‘God for Lent’ Dust-up

I’m sorry but the article you are looking for has been removed. You can read it at the author’s personal blog.

OK,  points for re-linking over to Micah’s blog for that post.  But I have so many  points at which I am feeling embarassed for how RLC handled this.

1.  NEVER do that.  Let comments expound the conversation.  I can see how certain extremely volatile cases might warrant some “moderation”,  but I simply didnt see it here.  AT ALL.

2.  Taking it down is just relapsing back into old media reactions.  The cat is out of the bag becuase of Social Media.  Previous tweets from @REDLETTERXns ‘ own Twitter account point to the RLC link,  which now reads as shown above in the quote.   Just looks silly in today’s world.

3.  Since when does either the Emergent conversation OR Red Letter Christians conversation reject the notion of some pretty important theological or philosophical conversation?  Peter Rollins certainly doesn’t if I understand him at all.  Neither does Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne,  or any of the people who conceived of the Red Letter Christians designation/sensibility.  And,  as Micah Bales obviously freely shared,  neither does he.  So wha??????? Why all this?

Sorry,  but I had to rant.

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  1. Dale Lature

    Not trying to hide anything, Bill. I tweet and link to this blog from Facebook, both under my name, Dale Lature. There are also email links scattered throughout my site. So it is a surprise to me that it would seem I have ever tried to hide any of this. But, for purposes of clarity, I may well add a WordPress Page with biographical info about me, on my Home page here. So, I guess I should thank you for pointing out that it wasn’t easily or imediately discoverable who I am. I should correct that.

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