Headin’ North for a Week

We are renting a van and heading to Lake Erie (that’s one of the “Great Lakes” for those of you geographically-challlenged). We have a place rented for a week, and I have a laptop borrowed from work, so I’ll have at least a dialup way to blog and I expect to post a few pictures during the week, and finsih up Introducing Radical Orthodoxy, and continue on in Hauerwas’s Community of Character. I’ve also been reading Hauerwas’ postscript to Performing the Faith, where he responds to Jeffrey Stout’s critiques of him in Democracy and Tradition.

It’s been a rather hefty week at work, gettin’ home late most days the past two weeks (like 6 or 7). The week could not have come at a better time. It would really be cool if they had broadband where we’re going, but that’s probably too much to ask. But the laptop has an 801.2b card, so if there’s anyplaces that do, I’ll be able to use that. Otherwise, assuming the phones work, it’s dialup.


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  1. ericisrad

    Right on, have fun bro!

    By the way, I received responses to the 3 questions from Jamie Smith this morning in my inbox. I’ll be posting them later today assuming I have time to do so. It’s a pretty hectic day here today at work!

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