23 Years Ago

23 years ago to the day, Janet and I met, on our first date (it was supposed to be a blind double date, but the other couple broke up just days before and right after it was arranged, so I was given Janet’s number to confirm that she still wanted to go. She did)

We went to the WEBN fireworks at the riverfront in Cincinnati, a Labor Day tradition in Cincinnati. Afterwards, we got some ice cream, then went to my place and watched a movie, Time After Time, which we have rented for tonight. We did this on the 20th anniversary of this date as well. I guess it went well, since 9 months and a week later, we were married. Now, 23 years and 2 kids later, a big part of me wants to get into that time machine HG Wells constructed, and go back to September 4, 1982 in Cincinnati, Ohio. But the path we took brings me no regrets, since it led to these particular two children (Brian was born in Cincinnati on March 10, 1989, and Kelli was born in Pusan, South Korea on April 8, 1998 and came to us after a year with foster parents in Seoul on April 15, 1999)

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  1. ericisrad

    Wow! Congratulations!

    Tiana and I aren’t yet married (engaged soon, though!), but we still try to do something on the 2nd of every month. We’ve been together 21 months.

    Dang, we’re youngin’s!



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