Adding to the Balcony People

My previous post I showed what I had put in my page of “Influential people and groups”, which I did back in 1994. The Wittenburg Door interview with Stanley Hauerwas had me strolling memory lane about the magazine, and I noticed that the set of links would be updated today to include Stanley Hauerwas. The Church of the Saviour is still very much on that list, if not the primary source for my thinking and longings for authentic church. Dietrich Bonhoeffer may well be added to that list, although I very much need to re-read the three of his books I had previous read (Life Together, Cost of Discipleship, and Letters and Papers from Prison) and let them speak to me differently than they did when I read them first in the late 70’s. I think that now, the theological language will make much more sense to me than it did when I was in my early 20’s.

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