Conservative Bible Project Adopts Biblical Criticism (via @craigadams49)

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In an AP article on the “Conservative Bible Project”

The Gospel of Luke records that, as he was dying on the cross, Jesus showed his boundless mercy by praying for his killers this way: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

Not so fast, say contributors to the Conservative Bible Project.

The project, an online effort to create a Bible suitable for contemporary conservative sensibilities, claims Jesus’ quote is a disputed addition abetted by liberal biblical scholars, even if it appears in some form in almost every translation of the Bible.


Now this is a new approach for the Biblical inerrantists.  They have always rejected out of hand any notion of “meddling” having contributed in any way to the process that has resulted in what we now have in the Bible.  The very idea that something was a “later addition” and therefore not an original “word of Jesus”  or in the oldest manuscripts is considered to be an attack on the Bible’s integrity.  Now it seems, the liberal conspiricists are adopting their own version of this Biblical criticism.  Funny.


"There are so many factors to consider when looking at that, but here it gets boiled down to ‘liberals put it in,’" he said. "You’ve got people who are doing this who have probably never looked at an actual ancient manuscript."

Blessed are the conservative in Bible translation – Yahoo! News

Which is the usual mode of operation,  and was the veil of ignorance that allowed them to reject any notion of “later additions” as a legitimate consideration.  Because they never bothered to look at the studies.  They simply reject such notions out of hand,  because “everyone knows” the Bible was “God-breathed” in the sense that the writers were “channeling” pure words of God without any human interference,  perspective,  or limitations. 

I prefer to attribute this to the “Religious Right” and not “Conservatives”.  I can respect conservative points of view.  Just not blindly partisan distortions of Christianity that claim to be of the conservative mind-set. 

And the passage they “zeroed in” on here?  The very idea that Jesus would show compassion and forgiveness!  That’s a sign of weakness, right?  That’s a sign of a “bleeding heart”.  Can’t have that.


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