Desperate times in Haiti long after news vans have left; post by @gavoweb

this and other things Gavin Richardson writes in his blog

sure, there was an earthquake & it is devastating, but long before that, there was extreme poverty & suffering… where was the anderson cooper’s & media police alarming us to the worlds ills? chasing tiger woods?

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Yes,  UMCOR has long known that there have been ongoing and constant desperate times in Haiti.  Tony Campolo has also been talking to U.S Christians for years about the abject poverty experienced there.  

There really ought to be an adopt a country program like the adopt/support a kid programs where sponsors are sent pictures of children.  Aside from the very real and desperate experience of the children in these impoverished areas,  maybe the church should be turning our focus more frequently to situations of poverty that persist before and after and elsewhere from the most “covered” stories.  For a lot of Christians in the U.S.,  it’s not a very “joyful” thing to spend too much time thinking about,  much less working to do something to help in relieving and preventing even more of it.

Good post , Gav. 


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