Shut Your Pie Hole Old Man #700club #Haiti

#000000" />The same can be said for Rush.  Even though he’s not as “old” as Pat R.,  the thought and the “grumpiness” (or the word “a-hole” comes to mind) is a fit retort to the unconscionable thought processes that lead these two down this path (and even the closing clip from MSNBC,  who Stewart rightly admonishes for seeing this in any partisan lens AT ALL. The one from Rush gets me here:  “This will play right into Obama’s hands: Humanitarian, Compassionate, “….yeah,  mushy stuff.  Sissy stuff.  Compassion.  Humanitarian.   Whaaaaaa?   And there are real Christians who actually enjoy listening to this guy and letting into their thinking and attitude this foul , vindictive, opportunistic spewing of hatred?  Rush’s followers who value compassion should boycott him as well.


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