Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Still think Colts could have been 16-0 AND won yesterday too. Not a Colts fan. Just saying. #
  • what would be proper way to retweet but scale down the content (as in abbreviate/paraphrase) Use [ ] ? how to show MY edits? #retweet #
  • RT @gavoweb: UMCOR is 1 of 3 charities working in Haiti with A+ for efficient use of funds. (via @SweetJubilee) #
  • RT @cshirky: Satan's Letter to the Editor to Pat Robertson, re: his Haiti comments. (Scroll down) // good one #
  • Boycott of 700 club would have 2 come via 700 club patrons who see this and say ENOUGH of this NONSENSE! Most fundamentalists know better. #
  • RT @larryhol: Jars of Clay response 2 Pat Robertson //Good clip; maybe 700 club needs boycotting as we donate 2 haiti #
  • Why do I love old disaster movies, like Volcano right now on AMC? /via @jvoorhees // lol just watched that myself #
  • Finding out about from Laura Fitten on a Gillmor Gang show from 10-8-09 about Twitter apps and API #
  • RT @rww: "You have to be willing to suck to have success in social media" from comment at: // Love this!! #
  • RT @mattcarlisle: RT @umreporter: UMCOR staff among those rescued from hotel rubble: // So good to know #
  • With Haiti situation w/ missing UMCOR people, so many RTs are a bit frustrating; "New Details" are only old tweets; unavoidable I guess #
  • watching Gillmor Gang Live at #
  • RT @dbounds: Today's Gillmor Gang episode:t PubSubHubbub. later today: at 3pm CST #
  • Fox News doesn't do news. They do political slime. THat's all they know. #
  • RT @jdkuo: CNN is focused on [Haiti] and FoxNews? Trashing Obama health care with former Bushies… Unreal. Disgusting.// Such is Fox News #
  • @tonysteward URL w/tag name (also be cat = categoryID) +rss attribute(plus contributor ID?) (maybe an idea here?) in reply to tonysteward #
  • RT @JeremyHoover: Rather, it is in discerning faithful usage; faitful to church; to meaning of worship; to the kind of community we are #
  • RT @JeremyHoover: @dlature acceptance of tech in worship is not a balance-issue for me. // Again, not debating WHETHER we "accept" or not #
  • This only happens in IE. Will delete cookie and try again /via @dlature//was logged into Twitter thru Listorious OAuth Whoops #
  • This only happens in IE. Will delete cookie and try again #
  • trying to login at Woah there!This page req'r info not provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page . ??? #
  • @jdlasica I have just seen the fail whale a few minutes ago, and seen other tweets about it happening in reply to jdlasica #
  • I didn't have my phone connected at the time of the conversi on completion #
  • Real Player converter also opened itunes and placed the file in the Movies Section….wonder if it would have put it directly on the phone ? #
  • @JeremyHoover Cool. I still need to pick BackChannel up and continue…have it on my toDo list for this week in reply to JeremyHoover #
  • Hah. RealPlayer will convert downloaded videos to iPhone(mov) format. (Downloaded a talk by Clay Shirky from #
  • @JeremyHoover So how did your listeners tweet their responses (or how did you gather them?) if not via hashtag? in reply to JeremyHoover #
  • @JeremyHoover Need some coffee myself , too, I think. You haveinspired me to awaken 🙂 in reply to JeremyHoover #
  • @JeremyHoover is there a particular hashtag you used for this? Or is this something that you all agreed to keep non-public? Curious to see in reply to JeremyHoover #
  • We all know how loosely spammers interpret "targeted" and "relevant". Just look at your own twitter would be followers. You're the "target" #
  • just saw marketer defend himself: didn't mean "blast." I meant targeted, segmented email communication w/ relevant messaging 🙂 // iow, SPAM #
  • RT @ChrisGTaylor: 71% email mkters manage social media //4 me, not so good thing 4 reputation of socmedia (altho sure there r exceptions) #
  • I'm at Best Buy (5255 Hickory Hollow Pkwy, Bell road, Nashville). #
  • Amazing Arizona-Green Bay game. Second half neither defense can stop the offense. (GB has yet to stop AZ whole game) 38-31 AZ #
  • @JeremyHoover Excellent. Is the audio on your site now the same sermon? Would like to see the slides. in reply to JeremyHoover #
  • Wow, why oh why Ravens did u not challenge? You just GAVE NE a huge swing. Booth staff FAIL #

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