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Thanks Gavin for sharing this with us this morning,  and tweeting it for us.  

Some choice tidbits:

"I have friends who are white," says 19-year-old Diego Luna. "They are my white people friends and they are mostly on Facebook. That’s why I use Facebook. My brown people are on MySpace."

The class laughs nervously at his description, and then they agree. Benito Rodriguez, 16, adds, "Not to be racist or anything, but there’s more white kids on Facebook."

Facebook, MySpace Divide Along Social Lines : NPR

danah boyd is mentioned and quoted in the article.  She’s been around a while in social media (before it was called “Social Media”.  Blogs and RSS were the beginnings , it seems to me.  And she was “on it” at the beginning.  Howard Rheingold is the earliest “Online Community” guru,  with the publishing of his book “Virtual Commujity” in 1993..  His later “Smart Mobs” (2202) described a lot of the emerging “crowd sourcing” movements that drove the development of social media.

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