Wilberforce and Gradualism

I just ran across on HBO West the movie Amazing Grace,  which I went to see at the theater a couple years back.  The scenes of the British Parliament being thrown into uproar over Wilberforce’s speaking against the slave trade are reminders of how empires throughout history constantly appeal to the idea of “take it slow” in hopes of passing on the “demise of the economy” they claim it will hasten,  to some future generation,  or perhaps until their political comrades can gain a stronger foothold so that they might sweep the opposition under the rug. Isn’t this always the way? One voice suggested that if England got out of the trade,  that the French would just step in and take up the slack,  and “who then would fill the King’s coffers?”  Of course,  this scene and these very rationalizations were played out in the United States.  And “take it slow” and “now is not the time” was heard constantly by MLK as he sought to organize a community to bring to light the need for change.

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