Netbook Shopping

I’m on the hunt for a Netbook.   I got a few “Best Buy” gift cards at Christmas,  so I’m limited in that respect to what they carry.  But I held off on the HP Mini 1000 because of its low life battery (3-cell and only 2+ hours),  and the uncertainty about how it might work with a AT&T data plan that I might want the option of getting in the future.  (It’s hidden, unadvertised “SIM slot” but lack of a 3G modem is also confusion)  Also,  since the CES show just ended and many up and coming models were revealed,  I didn’t want to be sorry I pulled the trigger too soon.  Any hints/advice/suggestions anyone out there might have would be valued.   I hope to have one before the end of the first week in March.

(I may well have bought the HP if not for the 3-cell battery.  I rather like the idea of being able to stay powered for a full day’s mobile access and charge it each night. )


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