Iraq stabilization never desired by Bush and Co.

in mid-April 2003, with looting still underway, Rumsfeld canceled deployment of the Calvary Division, a force of 16,000 soldiers

An Interviewee testifies how that shocked everybody in the military who DID have concerns about post-invasion stabilization.  This fits the accusation (and I think rightfully aimed) of Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine that de-stabilization WAS PART OF THE PLAN in order to set in motion the economic shocks and “free market” reforms (aka “plunder”) eyed by the Rumsfelds, Cheney’s and Bremers. 

This tends to dissolve the “incompetence” charge and instead level a more feasible explanation: Greed. Profiteering.  I believe that the “surge” is but a desperate attempt to stubbornly insist that the U.S. can “clear the way” for the free-enterprise zone its Friedmanites were pushing for.

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