Iraq stabilization never desired by Bush and Co.

in mid-April 2003, with looting still underway, Rumsfeld canceled deployment of the Calvary Division, a force of 16,000 soldiers

#333333">An Interviewee testifies how that shocked everybody in the military who DID have concerns about post-invasion stabilization.  This fits the accusation (and I think rightfully aimed) of Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine that de-stabilization WAS PART OF THE PLAN in order to set in motion the economic shocks and “free market” reforms (aka “plunder”) eyed by the Rumsfelds, Cheney’s and Bremers. 

#333333">This tends to dissolve the “incompetence” charge and instead level a more feasible explanation: Greed. Profiteering.  I believe that the “surge” is but a desperate attempt to stubbornly insist that the U.S. can “clear the way” for the free-enterprise zone its Friedmanites were pushing for.


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