Clinton camp begins 11th hour effort – David Paul Kuhn –


Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has begun an eleventh hour effort to implore Democrats to support her by framing her as the strongest general election candidate the party could put forth.

No, Hillary,  the opposite is true.   I think your candidacy would be the best hope for the Republicans,  since you would be the most likely thing to unite the Republican base and motivate them to vote.  While their motivations would be very different from why I prefer Obama,  it’s no secret that there is sexism among males,  and anti-Clintonism among conservatives.  The other reason is that I have reasons to mistrust you.  I just can’t help believing that at this point,  Republicans have to swept out of office because of the culture of corruption they have allowed to go on and on.  They need to see that in no uncertain terms,  people are disgusted with that. 

And your failure to stand up to the war mongering of the Bush administration sealed it for me.  You are a compromiser.


Clinton camp begins 11th hour effort – David Paul Kuhn –

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