Another Axis of Evil?

AxisOfEvilWatching a Google Video of the documentary, No End In Sight,  and this statement by Seth Moulton,  a lieutenant in the US Marines,  just sums up the elitism of the Bush administration:

personally I feel that the war would be going differently if you had leadership that really understood, number one,  what it’s like to be on the ground; had actually served in the armed forces,  and number two,  really had a good managerial grasp of making this thing work

Immediately, up front,  the scandal of these clowns being the “heroes” of the neocon movement,  and representing the groups which deify those “who served honorably” and belittle those who haven’t ,  and yet excusing Georgie boy’s apparent AWOL experiences from his “non-combat” cushy appointment via his daddy to the Texas Air National Guard,  an assignment he apparently couldn’t even muster the discipline to endure,  or the total lack of such experience in these “experts”)

Of course,  this “thing” was never intended to “work” in any way shape or form for anyone outside of the “network” of corporations and special interests (many of which were represented by corporate veterans Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz,  and Bush (who inherited his ties since he could never seem to succeed with anything he did in that world).  And of course,  morally,  this thing could never have worked because it was a crime against humanity,  even more so because it totally ignored all prior protocol to avoid widespread chaos.  And they knew.  They were warned.  People resigned.  People recruited to “draw up plans” quickly found that their “charge” was a sham.  They were never given staff or resources that showed any hint of their being taken seriously.  If Karl Rove had been someone to whom any complaints were brought about this,  he would have no doubt said (“look,  just get me a fucking post-war thing, got it?” —- just like he did to the people recruited for the office of faith based planning,  another of their “shams” so thoroughly exposed by John Dilulio and David Kuo in a book by the latter, Tempting Faith.

  When I saw a photo in the documentary of the three , Wolfowitz (the “think tank” aggregator of pseudo-science constructed for the propaganda producing of pro-neocon thinking),  Rumsfeld, (the civilian, military-challenged CEO from the business world) ,  and Bush,  the chosen face and voice for the administration,  who scarcely seems to be able to function in that role without heavy scripting,  it hit me.  This is an “axis of evil” if I’ve ever seen one,  and it operates totally dependent upon constructed arguments by well paid spokespersons to put a utilitarian spin on what amounts to shifting as much possible power into the hands of the controlling elite as possible,  and waxing all “patriotic” while doing it. 

(Of course,  the picture lacks one person: the looming specter of Cheney.  Maybe a Flash animation using that picture and the melding of a picture of Cheney with his famous scowl moving into the background and fading into the Presidential Seal in the background)

fromHubrisCover On the left is a screen shot of some footage from the documentary that was apparently the source the photo on the cover of the book Hubris apparently used,  which I read about 2 years ago,  which includes Cheney but not Wolfowitz)



This Iraq debacle is the number one reason why I haven’t trusted Hillary since 2003.  I was further convinced after I read the chapter on the Clinton presidency in A People’s History of the United States,  and then all the more as  I noticed that Hillary only began criticizing it when it was already an obvious problem which public opinion had long been aligned against.  All of this is symptomatic of the corporate deals that the Clintons secured to garner support for their two rather easy victories.

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