Live Writer Working Again

 And my RSS feeds are healthy.  The only thing I’ve done in the past hour was to remove some blank lines from the end of some php files in various WordPress files and include files.  These are AFTER the closing ?>  tags.  That may have been the source of some blank line that was getting inserted at the start (line 1) of each of the XML files written by WordPress.  I wish I knew which file(s) were the offending ones.

I am composing this post in Live Writer and see how it goes.  If it goes up,  then I will add a photo and see if it goes.

Well,  it seems that 2.1 is different about image uploading .  I now get this error when trying to post an image using Live Writer:

The following images cannot be published because the weblog does not support image publishing.

Saturday,  Live Writer was working but when I tried to post an image I got :

Invalid Server Response: The response to the metaWeblog.newMediaObject method received from the weblog server was invalid.

 RSS seems to be healthy now.  I wonder what happened to the image upload from Live Writer to WordPress?  2.06 was playing nice with it.  It’s a nice feature.  It even creates a thumbnail automatically.  Maybe its a permission thing I have yet to do correctly.  Let me look and see what directory my last LiveWriter successful image upload went.


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