WordPress 2.1.1 update fixes Live Writer Image uploads

The WordPress upgrade to 2.1.1 fixed the Live Writer problem!  Excellent.

BTW,  just in case you were wondering ,  that ‘s Dietrich Bonhoeffer on the left. (I just grabbed a picture from my MyPictures folder) Besides,  this makes my blog look more ‘theological” during this flurry of technical/blogospherical posts. (update: not so fast…….the image I uploaded yesterday went in fine,  but Jay just emailed me and told me my RSS was broken,  and so it was.  I removed the offending stuff.  So, WordPress didn’t get it all ironed out…..or LW,  or whoever isn’t playing nice)

I am so relieved that WordPress fixed all this in 2.1.1 I was hopeful that this would be fixed when I saw that one of the patches was for XML-RPC,  which probably has a lot to do with handling the content sent to it by Live Writer.

Home version test. Works. Beautiful. Tags?

Tags:   yes! No XML problems.


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