The Ryan Plan “Numbers” (Unspecified “revenues”) via @KrugmanNYTtimes

So, whenever you hear people talking about Ryan’s deficit reductions, bear in mind that over the first decade all of the alleged deficit reduction comes from revenue and spending numbers that are simply asserted, not the result of any policies actually described in the “plan”.

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It’s just as Krugman says here. When Ryan says they “haven’t run the numbers yet”, he blows the lid off of what they are ACTUALLY masqueradng as “numbers”. And what are they? It’s the “assertions” made based on the dogma “it just does”. There’s “revenues” that magically occur from the tax cuts on the rich, without any corresponding numbers to back it up. So they start from the unsupportable trickle down nonsense, and use that “common sense” to flatly assert that “revenues happen”, which they incorporate into their plan.

All the claims of major deficit reduction therefore rest on the magic asterisks.

A “plan” that can only exist in a following that doesn’t care to or doesn’t know how to look at any actual numbers.  Only  listen to variations on the same economic myths which one now HAS to adopt if he is to be considered as Republican.  Sad indeed.


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