The worst form of optimism: Argue “because its never happened yet” via @Wired

Matt Ridley (WSJ,  which explains a lot from the  outset) cover story in the most recent WIRED: Apocalypse NOT.

He says “Get a grip”.  HE needs to do that,  since his entire article is spent talking about previous apocalyptic warnings that didn’t come to pass.  But then on the climate change issue,  where everyone that’s worried say that time is running out,  Ridley lists several inane arguments about how “many are saying”  (and he doesn’t quote scientists,  and includes ZERO of the ACTUAL signs that back up the DATA being given to us BY SCIENTISTS  — and THEY do in fact,  HAVE DATA,  which he conveniently ignores in favor of all his “hey,  it’s going to be  fine.  Chill.”   Pure baloney.

To proceed on cumulative courses with the argument that “we’ve always worked it out  somehow”  is dangerous,  deluded thinking.  The very nature of cumulative effects is that they get worse (which they are),  and they are denied by those who have interest in doing the things which are adding up to cause  the damage that is being done.  (Think “Noah’s contemporaries” and their derisive reactions to his warnings).  The argument Ridley makes is nonsensical in logical terms.   He argues “it’s never come to pass BEFORE” against warnings that aren’t addressing what has PREVIOUSLY HAPPENED.  Their warnings detail they way we are eroding the ecosystem,  which DOES have data to back it up,  and DOES HAVE SCIENCE regarding the LIMITATIONS (and data regarding the effects  of those limitations already in evidence).

I frankly don’t even know what this kind  of article has to do with the kinds of stories WIRED covers.  I suppose it was simply one of those pseudoscience articles they figured would be of interest to the more conservative ideological readers.    Flimsy.  Actually,  the subtitle of the article is backwards:

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About End Times

No,  this kind of thinking is exactly why you should.

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