Unmasking the Press and the Powers #OWS #occupychurch

Still finding tasty theological results from my Googling of “Walter Wink powers occupy”.  Here’s one  on the sequence implied in  Walter Wink’s “Powers” series of books:

As the theologian Walter Wink shows, challenging a dominant system requires a three-part process: naming the powers, unmasking the powers, engaging the powers(11). Their white noise of distraction and obfuscation is the means by which the newspapers prevent this process from beginning. They mislead us about the sources of our oppression, misrepresent our democratic choices, demonise those who try to challenge the 1%.


This “unmasking the press”  is a worthy cause as well,  and will often get us into the “hidden” stuff for which the “Unmasking” stage enlightens us.  It also reminds me of studies like “Manufacturing Consent” made famous by Noam Chomsky.  The education we need in the media strategies of the 1%  (and it is a strategy of the 1%,  however deep it has penetrated down into the 99% who are forced or persuaded to serve the interests of the 1%.  To use the relevant term here:  “Consent”,  this is what goes into the strategy:  advertising for products gives us the clue;  it is telling a story about “the world as it is”,  and the think tanks provide us with a steady stream of “facts” that align with “the way it is”  which they seek to instill in us.


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