Theology of Occupy: clergy discuss role of the church in #OWS #occupyChurch

This panel represents what ,  for me,  ought be happening around the country.   These clergy are in the NY area,  and so it may well be even more obvious to them,  as their parishioners may well be seeing the encampments every day,  or often.  For us in less urban settings,  we are nonetheless citizensof this country,  and even more Continue Reading

Unmasking the Press and the Powers #OWS #occupychurch

Still finding tasty theological results from my Googling of “Walter Wink powers occupy”.  Here’s one  on the sequence implied in  Walter Wink’s “Powers” series of books: As the theologian Walter Wink shows, challenging a dominant system requires a three-part process: naming the powers, unmasking the powers, engaging the powers(11). Their white noise of distraction and obfuscation is the means by Continue Reading

The Powers and “the way things are” HT @glassdimlyfaith #OWS

Some excellent writing from Walter Wink on the subject of “The Powers”,  which is a direct hit from a theological perspective on the very systems against which Occupy rails (with only a few theological caveats and some fine theological tuning) when evil ran roughshod through corporate boardrooms and even churches, unnoticed and unnamed, while “Satan” was relegated to superego reinforcement Continue Reading

The Powers That Be, the Gift of Enemies, and #OWS by @KurtWillems

I was just thinking about Biblical themes that  conure up the present economic scenario,  and Occupy Wall Street movements.  I thought of Walter Wink and his series of books on “The Powers”,  and how we are face to face with those he identifies as “Principalities and Powers”,  which are the systems of “theis world”. These systems take on a life Continue Reading