Unmasking the Press and the Powers #OWS #occupychurch

Still finding tasty theological results from my Googling of “Walter Wink powers occupy”.  Here’s one  on the sequence implied in  Walter Wink’s “Powers” series of books: As the theologian Walter Wink shows, challenging a dominant system requires a three-part process: naming the powers, unmasking the powers, engaging the powers(11). Their white noise of distraction and obfuscation is the means by Continue Reading

The Powers and “the way things are” HT @glassdimlyfaith #OWS

Some excellent writing from Walter Wink on the subject of “The Powers”,  which is a direct hit from a theological perspective on the very systems against which Occupy rails (with only a few theological caveats and some fine theological tuning) when evil ran roughshod through corporate boardrooms and even churches, unnoticed and unnamed, while “Satan” was relegated to superego reinforcement Continue Reading