Blog extrapolation of @RezaAslan & @ChrisLHayes great segment on @AllInWithChris

Oh my gosh.  The comment of the CNN person to the two other CNN people  “victims” of @RezaAslan ‘s “anger”.  This is what I am referring to:  the clip below begins with Reza’s fully deserved “in your face” comment to the TWO CNN people who were repeating the same clueless Islamaphobic talking points continuing to suggest that Islam is the problem here.  Then the clip moves to the 2 CNN “victims” on with another CNN person who tells them that Reza’s “TONE kind of illustrated what people are FEARFUL about when they think about the faith in the first place”…. HAH!   There’s a big clue right there!  IN THE FIRST PLACE.  It’s the very FIRST PLACE from which both those original hosts and now the 3rd one are operating.  And THAT is the best illustration of the utter clulessness of the media,  and as usual,  the shallow habits of CNN and their grand “objectivity”.

via Reza Aslan responds to critics | MSNBC.

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