Will the Pope be a contributor to a new Protestant Refromation around EcoTheology?

I am hoping that this is the case.  It needs to happen,  no matter what the strongest factors may be.  It needs to happen ,  at the very least,  because of the sheer scientific evidence and the consensus around that evidence.  There is a gathering this week on Thursday : “Coming Together in Faith on Climate”,  which is an ecumenical effort to bring the Pope’s message home to all the churches in America (and beyond).  I have been scanning the UMC website and ther News items,  looking for signs of consciousness.  Since beginning this effort,  I have been deeply concerned about the state of the coverage.  Nearly nil.  Not that there aren’t pockets of activity and small organizations seeking to bring their churches to a more conscious and intentional stance and mobilization. There certainly are.  This needs to be picked up by the UMC media,  at the very least because they are distinctively UMC efforts,  but a case can be made that the UMC and ll the denominations need to get beyond their denominational narcissism and proclaim the message that is not only inter-denominational,  but intra-religious, cutting across all theologies and calling them to an eco-renaissance or recovery.  This means a reformation;  a recovery of narratives that have been subsumed by a technological, extractive,  “instrumental” stance toward creation that has resulted in disastrous global effects on ecosystems. Our theology MUST shift to take note of this,  and speak a word about this from those elements we recover when we look again and anew at what our theological heritage can tell us.  And repent of those assimilations that we have allowed to cause us to veer askew into ecotheological heresy.  In other words,  just HERESY.


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