Why EcoEcclesia is also OccupyTheology

I just created a post type in WordPress for EcoEcclesia.  EcoEcclesia , however,  is also OccupyTheology,  since I contend that it requires an action of “Occupying” the theologies, economies,  and spaces of the status quo to ensure that a fundamental questioning must take place.  The status quo which brought about the call to “Occupy” is no longer tenable,  and that key assumptions about our “system” have been found not only wanting,  but destructive and dangerous.  In the case of EcoEcclesia,  many if not most or even all of the same structures are behind the problem.  The oligarchy is also culpable here.  The constant push to consolidate power and exert increasingly widespread pressures to maintain this power and to expand it are causing huge ruptures in the fabric of justice,  which in this case is a rupture in the ecosystems that sustain us, including our economies of money.   I specify “Economy of money” because Ecology is the root econnomy.  An economy of money that ignores the cost of ecosystem damage is not even an accurate economy in terms of accounting.  Any economy that ignores real costs is asking for the an eventual accounting to be brought to the table.

So,  just as the economic recession made visible some fundamental problems of our economy,  and precipitated the Occupy Wall Street movement,  so also has the ecological crisis (aka “The Climate Crisis”)  precipitated it’s own “Occupy Movement”,  most often referred to as a “People’s Climate Movement”,  which has brought to light many other , often older movements that bear witness to the abuse we have been heaping upon the earth’s systems that have supported human civilization.  And so it seems that this is the granddaddy of Occupy Movements.

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