The ultimate assault upon unity

“God created all of us to dwell together in unity”  from
A.M.E. Council of Bishops Demand Action to Confront Racism in the U.S. linked from UMNS

Indeed. Which also includes all of creation. ALL is created to dwell in unity. The very earth works that way. When we disrupt that unity, all hell breaks loose. So we must fight all disruption. They are also often linked, these disruptions. The above action is indeed a necessary demand. But it is also VERY NECESSARY that we in the church awaken to the unwillingness of our community to face the destructiveness of our fossil fuel driven economy, and seek earnestly to change our priorities. Indeed, this unwillingness also has effects that further racism, as we continue to “hide” the waste products of our industries in poorer, non-white communities, where the power of money is less able to say “not in our back yard”. All of this is connected, and we need to learn to see it under one big umbrella as the assault on unity that it is.


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