The EPA does actually mark an acknowledgment of needed collaborative effort

I am incensed about the EPA appointment, NOT because the EPA, which has existed since December 2, 1970, has successfully PROTECTED us from wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. It obviously has not.

It has been all too complicit and detached from the science that brought about it’s establishment in the first place, and has only grown increasingly dire in its assessments of our condition. But this is the same issue with any National Agency.

The Justice Department has not dealt with quite a bit of injustice. The Education department has not educated us, nor equipped its schools to teach in a manner that befits the profession and the importance to our children. The Housing and Urban Development Agency has not made much headway in attacking the problem of decent accommodations, and the Dept. of Health and Human Services has not solved the problem of skyrocketing health prices and “Market-Driven” solutions that keep the U.S. FAR BEHIND most other Democracies that DO provide health care for all.

All of these agencies are riddled with politics and undue financial influence. But they do have a mission. Pruitt’s “mission” is to render the very role of this agency “unnecessary”. All this “regulation stuff” is but a hindrance to financial prosperity, you know? (Like we’ve seen how this “Market-driven” effort to “make companies behave” by refusing to compel them to behave, has worked out).

We’ve seen how they seem compelled to keep us ignorant of the science of Climate, and what has become an increasingly stronger and more ardent voice of warning as the threats and unraveling build, and burst forth in acceleration of ecological breakdowns that we are YET to fully acknowledge. And now , we have an administration that considers it an article of faith that all of these warnings are “Un-American” and nonsense.

But to begin your administration by appointing a self-described Climate Denier (he has recently claimed he “believes”, but his “belief” strikes me as being on a par with the likes of Franklin Graham’s “Christian beliefs”.) Pruitt is a clear enabler of Fossil Fuel interests, just like his fellow cabinet member Rex Tillerson, also “NOT a denier”, and yet he stood by as Exxon CEO while Exxon funded progaganda-producing groups dedicated to deceiving the public about the science of Climate Change, much as groups did the same thing in defense of tobacco and smoking. Many of those same “scientists” and faux-science peddlers are the same people now participating in the Climate Crisis denial “think-tanks” like the Heartland Institute.

It is far from a running start on “Protecting the Environment” to now be set on reversing all the measures (albeit insufficient, but nevertheless cognizant of the dangers posed by the ecological damage we have already done, and need to transition — albeit far too slowly — to renewable energy sources). It is just incredibly irresponsible, and therefore EVIL UPON EVIL to embark upon this dismantling of nearly EVERYTHING, and double down in the OTHER DIRECTION. It is MADNESS.


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