Any thoughts on what to do for the next 70 days?

I am compelled to voice my concern that the Climate movement NOT wait to seriously mobilize until that March on April 29. We need to act after the shameful, irresponsible “hurry vote” of the sellouts of the GOP (excepting ONE, Susan Collins, apparently the only non-denier amongst those gutless turds called the GOP).
I admit that I am not one who knows how to call for action. I can highlight the efforts of those who do. The news yesterday should be enough to bring this matter to the forefront. This man is a self-declared enemy of any kind of Protection. He is a lackey for fossil fuel interests, and worked for them tirelessly and blindly as Oklahoma Attorney General. People like Mark Davies in Oklahoma can attest (and have been, for quite some time) to that. There are 70 days until the march (10 weeks). There is A LOT that can be done before then. Tell your GOP senators of your disappointment/disgust with their once again, choosing to side with their financiers rather than the people who sent them there (unless you live in Maine where Susan Collins chose to stand for integrity). Tell your Dem senators you appreciate them (unless it happens to be W.Va. or North Dakota), where you can relay the message that the GOP senators other than Collins will be receiving from us. And then pay them a visit, and also all the EPA offices to spread blood over the doorway so that the angel of death, Scott Pruitt will pass by (not literally, of course, but you get the reference).
Other ideas? Thoughts?


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