Intense time of discernment

I’ve been sitting on a gold mine of content, yet to be “exploited”, for EcoEcclesia features, for over a year now. It’s been a long struggle on many levels. One of the lesser struggles I’ve had over that time, but nevertheless key to my moving my EcoEcclesia efforts to the next level, is to begin to break through with effective formats for presentation via the Web and Social Media, for this kind of content. I’ve talked to and recorded conversations with lots of people who have important stories to tell about how they are responding to our Climate Crisis.

As I prepare for the two upcoming DC marches on April 22 (March for Science) and 29 (The People’s Climate March), and gather yet more “gold” that week in DC, I am hoping and anticipating to break through with some new approaches. Some of these I’ve been mulling around in my head for some time, and others may be enabled as a result of the conversations I will have as we all gather for a truly significant week.

As we face an already tumultuous set of impacts from this Trump administration, we are seeing those impacts spotlighted and intensely clarified, and so we are faced with a clarification of our calling to care for ALL LIFE. It’s an intense time of discernment. …..


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I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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