No time to lose, now that Pruitt’s denial regime is at the head of the EPA

I feel that we in the People’s Climate movement, and those in the interfaith community should not be waiting for the Climate March on April 29 to act on our outrage that Pruitt has been confirmed; much less the corrupt , un-accountable, rushed nature of such a vote, pushed by that ultimate of “Patron Compromiser” , idiot “leaders”, Mitch McConnell. I feel that the time is NOW to express our resistance. Such an appointment further highlights how time is sifting away on our chances to do anything substantial. PLEASE, let’s not wait. Occupy Pruitt’s EPA, for it is no longer a “Protection” agency for anything but Pruitt’s and his financier’s pocketbooks.

Grateful for people of integrity like Senator Susan Collins of Maine for refusing to sell out the world with blind, selfish, corrupt ambition like the rest of her suck-up, sellout cowards of the GOP.

Also ashamed of Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, both from energy-producing states, who voted with Republicans to confirm Pruitt. Way to betray the world, sellouts. Shame on you. You need to be primaried out of that position, since you are unfit to represent anyone but your own financial interests (which ultimately will prove elusive, given your inability (or unwillingness) to understand the economics that take ecological costs into account.


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