Picket Fences – Season 1 DVD Announced for Early 2007!

 This is something I’ve been looking for ever since the TV series DVD sets became a thing.  I’m also on the lookout for two or three other all-time favorites,  Paper Chase (CBS 1978-79 and Showtime, 1983-86)  starring John Houseman and James Stephens,   thirtysomething (ABC, 1987-1991),  and Lou Grant (1977-82)
Lou Grant (CBS) 1977-82                                   Picket Fences (CBS) 1992-1996

A major character missing from the Picket Fences picture is Roy Walston,  the judge in Rome, Wisconsin,  and Don Cheadle came in later in the series as the D.A.

Link to Picket Fences – Season 1 Announced for Early 2007!

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