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I just discovered some interesting Google results.  When I did a search on “British commander Iraq”  there was a CNN link to a story  British Army chief calls for Iraq pullout – but when you click the link,  the headline reads:  Blair backs UK army chief on Iraq,  but the Cached link has the original  headline: British Army chief Continue Reading

A Place to Stand: Be Perfect Now

 Most excellent The fire and intensity of the early Quaker vision, in this writer’s opinion, derived from their passionate insistence that the command “Be perfect” meant exactly what it says and that no excuses, qualifications or hemming and hawing were acceptable. Other Christians would and still say that to live according to the demands of the Sermon on the Mount Continue Reading

Clear Again

My test came back negative.  Third negative in 5 years.  I guess I ‘ll be paying much more attention and adding some “healthy prostate” diet and a rather expensive ($40 a month or so) pharmaceutical that is supposed to help,  so that my PSA levels can stay more consistently in the no worry levels.  I’ll be saying a few more Continue Reading

Loss of Prophetic Voice; Ceasing to be Church

Amen to the following: Perkins et al may feel they are now power players, getting access to top administration figures, having the administration trot out to speak at every event they host. But in return, they have lost their independent prophetic voice. Of course they will condemn Mark Foley’s actions, but I am sure they won’t criticize Dennis Hastert for Continue Reading

Fox News Ratings Down

Oh, Fox,  I feel your pain.  (And it feels great—well,  satisfying….sort of. )  But the years of explosive growth have ended at Fox. Viewership over the first eight months of the year was down 5 percent compared to 2005, with a steeper 13 percent decline in prime-time, according to Nielsen Media Research. For 12 straight months, Fox’s prime-time audience has Continue Reading

Woodward Book: Rumsfeld…Bullying, Petty. Bush…Incurious To The Point Of Cluelessness

It’s about time, Bob.   Frankly,  the people who are saying that Woodward made the white house look “pretty good” in the previous two books must have read different books.  Granted,  Woodward could have been just a tad more scathing in those books,  but he may have been letting the conversations speak for themselves.  This was what some were saying about Bush Continue Reading

GOP Reps Knew Of Foley E-Mails In 2005, Congressman Says He Told House Speaker Of Concerns About Rep. Foley Months Ago – CBS News

 People were upset at the Catholic Church leadership for keeping quiet on such things.  But there,  it’s not as cut-and-dried of a “democratic issue”.  This band of liars, thieves,  and corrupt scum have to go.  Surely something better is possible.  Surely any nation with an ounce of dignity would scrap these irresponsible idiots. Surely? GOP Reps Knew Of Foley E-Mails Continue Reading

Be Afraid of These People

This post late last night from Juan Cole is absolutely chilling as the underlying motives become clear.  I combine in my head all these recent concerns about the “torture  Bill”,  with my reading of Isikoff and Corn’s book,  Hubris, and I see the dark side at work.  These people are evil. We are allowing Hitler to grow again. Not a Continue Reading

Jesus Camp Website

This is scary,  only because I have an indication of the kind of “active part” these types want to play in “America’s political future”.  Lost on these people seems to be the rather inappropriate use of militaristic imagery;  but we all know how undisturbed they are by this,  since it does not occur to them that Jesus totally eschewed military Continue Reading

Jesus Camp

Holy Cow.  These conversations drive me nuts.  Resa Aslan,  the Muslim,  makes the most sense here.  Maher is Christo-phobic.  The lady from Fox is sickeningly condescending (which really drives Maher nuts—I’m not too fond of it either,  nor are Whitford or Aslan, I would imagine) .  Whitford is the “Progressive”, but shows no indication of being overtly Christian.  Aslan counters Maher’s Continue Reading

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

Enter what you’re reading or your whole library—it’s an easy, library-quality catalog. Because everyone else is doing it too, LibraryThing connects you with people who read the same things. Source: LibraryThing | Catalog your books online (aside: This Windows Live Writer thing is awesome.  I just used it for the first time to begin blogging an item I just found Continue Reading

Thanks for the plug!

Matt Alexander gave me a nice compliment in his post at Eric’s Bookgarden I had posted a blurb about Johnson’s book after I heard him on CSPAN a few weeks ago.  Anyway,  I appreciate the compliment!   I am trackbacking this becuase there’s something wierd going on on the page where your post is….I think the a href tag for your Continue Reading