Radio Seems to Be Clogged Again

Finally,  archiving began last night around 1 am.  This was the third or fourth time I had turned XML archiving off  and then on again.  Right now,  I am looking at the asynchRPC in the status bar of the Radio application,  and it has shown “Writing XML version of post #1606 for the past 10-15 minutes.   My home page entry that I submitted has not yet updated.  This is why I am pleading for a first priority on posting weblog entries just made instead of placing these lower in priority than certain cleanup tasks Radio thinks it must do.  So….I’m going to post this entry now,  and see if that “unsticks” the writing of XML version of post #1606 (which is still showing as current activity)….maybe if I turn archiving off for a moment,  and repost?

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