Radio posts not getting sent up ….until much later

Radio is up to the same tricks today.  Edit a post,  post to weblog,  no change to weblog (except that it sends the archive file into my/2003/04/19.html,  but still no new index.html for my home page.   Very cool. 

This post didn’t go at all,  archive or index.html the first time I pushed “Post to Weblog” (as of 3:09pm).  (l2 minurtes later: after submitting this paragraph,  index.html went,  along with all of Aprils’s 2003/04/01.html through 19.html. I must admit,  I’m totaly in the dark as to what might be happening.  And why it takes three edit/new post submisisons to “Goose” radio into coughing up the new index.html file,  I do not know)

The entire process took about 30 minutes,  to update one post and add ONE new one.  30 minutes later,  my chages are all there.  I also notice that my machine hard drive light continues to churn and no apps can be run for at least a minute after all the icons have loaded,  and from the looks of the Process Tab in the Windows Task Manager,  it seems to be Radio that’s generating all the activity,  jumping back and forth between System Idel Process and Radio.exe for CPU cycle usage percentage honors.


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