Radio Software Problems Mounting

Let’s see how the old publishing speed is today with radio.  1,2,3 blastoff (10:23am by my pc clock….later,  10:28….still no post up on my site…..THIS is getting REALLY OLD……..10:36,  after posting the post that will be AFTER this one,  I see that this post finally got out here…..10 -15 minutes.  Not exactly stellar.  )

Well,  another problem (which seems to happening a lot lately also:  My Radio icon in my tray at the lower right has gone bye-bye.  I can’t right click on it to tsee the status of my post (I watch the progress this way, to see what’s showing in the status bar of the little radio app that comes up when I right-click on the icon .  Now how do I get that back without rebooting?  Seems like there’d be a file I can run to get it going again.  If I post that question to the Radio support discussion,  it might take 3 posts and a week to get an answer,  so if anybody resding my feed can see this ,  HELP!!

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