Radio Reflections

  1. For days ,  my postings take an hour or so to finally post to my site.  Radio semes to have schizophrenic problems,  going back and re-posting archive files from 4/01 and forward,  even though those postings 2003/04/01.html through today,  have already gone out.  I turned off XML archiving,  and then turned it back on last night before hitting the sack,  and this morning I see that most of the archiving happened –FINALLY —but upon my first post attempt today,  Radio showed that it was trying to upload another XML file…but upon checking that file in its destination (C:\Program Files\Radio UserLand\backups\weblogArchive)  ,  the file seems to have been completed.  I’ll try turning archiving back on after I post this entry,  and hopefully it will go without a hitch now that Radio seems to have become agreeable again and posting things when I hit “Post to Weblog”.

Are there some FTP problems here?  I have seen no  difference in performance with any of my other FTP apps between the hosting provider I was previously using,  and the present one.  With Radio,  it seems to have problems posting to the same FTP site.  All of these problems seem to have started when I switched hosts.  But why does it do “partial uploads” (ie. posting the permalink archive file but not the index.html file? The main problem seems to be all the “cleanup” or “catchup” Radio keps thinking it has to do before posting the entry that I am trying to “Post to Weblog”.

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