Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-11

  • @MLB…seems "companion coverage" is what I got. Not worth it. Don't have TBS. Don't plan on watching games this way. Will seek refund. #
  • anyone using ? Are we REALLY expected to do our own switching? No way to get just a regular TBS feed? Why wl'd I want this? #
  • If I have to do my own switcing on postSeason.tV , then this is DUMB. @MLB, what's the deal? #
  • @mlb How do I switch the camera view? And can I get a view that actually switched to TBS? BAD user interface. Can't find controls #
  • Bironas has such a strong leg. Why oh why can he not get as many touchbcks as nearly everyone else? Why? #
  • PJ O'Rourke is one of the a-hole/FoxNews/GOP class (as seen in this video). #
  • @NYT ed calls #OWS "1st line of defense vs return to the [recession inducing] Wall St. ways". #
  • U.S. needs shift in emphasis of public policy from protecting banks 2 fostering full employment //Amen. #
  • "working-age real income down in first 10yrs of 2000s"// Disgusting while corps hit record profits. #
  • while corp' profits=highest level as share of econ' since 1950, worker pay at lowest since mid-1950s. #
  • B4 recession, top 1% earners held 23.5% of wealth, highest since 1928 & more than 2X 10% in late 1970s. #
  • @JeffSharlet hopefully, Jeff, one of your usual bang-up jobs of telling stories of people and movements re: #OWS is forthcoming someday #
  • "a toxic combo reaffirming the economic &pol'tcl power of banks & bankers, as ordinary Amercns suffer". #
  • @NYT Editorial: The message (of #occupywallstreet –and the solutions– should be obvious to anyone. #
  • "The right & many in media cont'n 2 make jokes & play dumb, but while they are laughing, a mvm't grows". #
  • @peterrollins at The Anchor, Nashville TN. Oct. 28-29. #
  • A system is not something you see, but it is the lens through which you see" – PRollins (YouTube). #
  • A system or ideology is not something you see, but it is the lens through which you see" – PRollins. #
  • Not that the 1% & GOP can't underst'd #OccupyWallStreet They don't want to. Msg isn't complicated. #
  • @jvoorhees BIll Maher should have told PJ O'Roarke to "SHUT UP". Thanks for linking to this. #occupywallstreet #
  • I signed on to get NLCS online coverage since I don't have TBS & am an NL guy. Only 2.99 and uses PayPal. Rest are on Fox on TV #
  • @rhp7 thanks R #
  • @Netflix streaming selection seems to be going downhill. Barely better than Amazon Prime freebies. Looked at latest releases. Meh. #
  • RT @TPM: Singing God Bless America in 7th inning helped prevent another 9/11 // Really Bryan F? Pure #NationalistIdolatry BS #
  • Loving it that the biggest payrolled teams are nowhere to be found now in the race to the World Series (not that SL doesn't spend a lot) #
  • Finished my first week at Vanderbilt working on OAK/Blackboard project. Feels like I'm liking it #
  • I now pull for whoever plays the Phillies. They are beginning to be like the Yankees (can just buy whoever they want). Go #
  • Favorite team just got knocked out of the World Series (fave team is whoever plays the Yankees. Yankees out. Great Series this year. #
  • @joshtpm think it's time for #occupyCongress #

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