Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-18

  • “@jonestony : The Evangelical Rejection of Reason –”//they kill me blaming evangelicalism #
  • from House: Wilson: "you can't take money from sick people". House: "What is this, Canada? All we do is take money from sick people" LOL #
  • Homers flying in Milwaukee…6 with one out inthe top of the3rd inning #
  • RT @Frank_Schaeffer: read this! // Agreed! Good analysis to back #OWS by Krsitof #
  • Churches that remain completely silent on this matter of the rich grabbing more and more of the share are becoming increasingly irrelevant #
  • Inequality as we have in the U.S. is a THEOLOGICAL issue. Sorry, right wing. It's the Bible that tells us so. #occupywallstreet #
  • Kristof: "inequality is also a cancer on our national well-being." // We are connected, ALL of us. #
  • "countries grow more rapidly when incomes are more equal & slow down when incomes are skewed". #
  • Kristof: "The banks have gotten away with privatizing profits and socializing risks". #
  • Pre work chill (@ Starbucks) #

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