Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-06

  • Many are noticing a possible Amazon sudden dramatic entry into the Tablet space. #
  • AP says Obama "aimed a Partisan barb at GOP" by saying GOP should put country ahead of party. Whatever. #
  • Your ads are OLD Media style and method. PUt them back in the sidebar and let me read the info I came for. #
  • Hate the forced ads at that pop up while I'm trying 2 read box score of ongoing game. Have to wait for ad to end. Usually leave. #
  • 2010 Election did more to keep us from rcovery than anything we could have done. GOP doesn't want a better economy. Just the reigns to all. #
  • @iancron prez begins (w/intro) about 30 min into the video player at #
  • @iancron talking Fri night 9-4-11 about his book Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me #
  • We just saw via Amzn Prime Video the movie we watched that night 29 years ago on our first date: Time After Time w/MSteenburgen & MMcDowell #
  • @digital_boy thanks #
  • Scary thing is about Cantor, I didn't realize it. I believed it. But the parody is apt. #
  • I read the first 3 paragraphs on Cantor (And took them at face value) before I realized a few lines later that it seemed to be a parody. #
  • thanks @BorowitzReport for the pointer to the Cantor public display of yet more inane smugness #
  • Cantor: "Empathy comes from the greek, & look at where it got the Greeks- right N2 bankruptcy" — Trouble in River City. It leads to pool. #
  • the more I read & hear of Eric Cantor, the more despicable he becomes, and that's hard to accomplish #
  • Prev Tweet: Read the article He doesn't stop there! #
  • Cantor: "The current budget is bursting at the seams with pet projects that reek of empathy" // Reeks! #
  • @Xaris_TN yes, sadly #
  • For Sekulow(s), Jesus is big bucks. via @bobsmietana via @jeffsharlet #
  • Even conserv's recognize: "6fig salaries & perks (ie private jets) clash w/Xian ideals re: charity". #
  • Just love those Christian Right activists that are into those private jets (see Tennessean front page article #
  • Found @bobsmietana afront page Tennessean article via @Jeffsharlet tweets today. (Don't get a newspaper, so thankful for the reference) #
  • Subversive Meal-Sharing & Boundary-Breaking Grace via @s4s #
  • 29 years ago today (or Tonight) I went on my first date (blind date) with the girl I continued to see since then (fireworks, literally) #
  • @dlature hmmmmm…I did this "like" on Youtube on Friday night. Why did it just post to Twitter AGAIN? #
  • I liked a @YouTube video Altered States – The Monologue #
  • Silence // @iancron on silence, worship, & I connect deeply, even on issue of "streaming/broadcasting". #
  • The True Self //Richard Rohr talks about that "container" we all work on in the first half of life. #
  • Went out tonight and heard @iancron talk about Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me, which I just finished reading last Saturday. #recommend #
  • I liked a @YouTube video Altered States – The Monologue #
  • Amazon's Kindle Tablet Tech Crunch Review // sounds nice. #
  • @scobleizer saying that Amazon tablet around 299 with Amazon app store on Android #
  • Gillmor Gang with @dbfarber @scobleizer @kevinmarks @jtaschek and @stevegillmor on now. #
  • Fors Clavigera: The iPhone-ization of our World(view) by James K.A. Smith. #
  • @JeffSharlet if you don't want to broadcast it on twitter, follow me and you can DM it to me or email me at dlature at comcast dot net #
  • @JeffSharlet Where is best place to email you? JUst listened to the radio show , and I am doing research that may interest you #
  • Listening now to @JeffSharlet talking about new book, Sweet Heaven When I Die #
  • Twitter is like conversational RSS (conversational in an abbreviated sense) #
  • Quick , Perry, secede TX from the US so we won't have to "spend" on relief after storm projected your way hits! #
  • @SteveGillmor We wouldn't be getting @arrington on The Gang today would we? #
  • Found Twitter list for RTs , but how do I see them N Tweetdeck? All recent instances are gone from Mentions, where they used 2 show #
  • for some reason, I can't find the "YOur Tweets, Retweeted" list on, nor do others' RT's of my Tweets show up in Tweetdeck. ??? #

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