The Most Courageous Speech By A Politician I’ve Ever Heard

Obama just gave a speech addressing the problem of race and Rev. Wright that qualifies for me as something that I will use to respond to anybody who is trying to slam him for what rev. Wright has said.  It’s basically this:  “Have you heard Obama’s speech Tuesday morning?  Just stop and listen before you jump to your conclusions. “

As soon as it is up,  I’ll post it. (update,  you tube link below)

It was courageous because it gave it the kind of careful and insightful analysis that it deserves.  The ones who wish to use this against Obama are going to have to reach far to use his speech to back up their own accusations,  but I won’t put it past them.  It’s bound to be depressing what they come up with.

It’s so sad that so many people,  especially those in the media,  are going to try to cut this thing “down to size”.  Obama’s analysis will tax the brains of so many ,  and the media is going to flatten its content.  Just be  prepared.  Watch it for yourselves.

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