Networks Need to Correct Their Texas Results

You know those graphics that they show when they’ve “projected” the winners of the states?  IN the case of the primaries,  Texas in particular,  they need to stop doing that based on popular vote for the state.  This is not how “winners” are determined.  In the electoral college in the general,  the states whole electoral college count goes to the popular vote winner.  But in the primaries,  it does NOT.  Texas turned out to be an Obama state.  The networks STILL haven’t updated their maps or their counts for the Texas caucuses.  Obama won Texas.  They should be putting up that graphic with the checkmark next to Obama’s name,  BREAKING NEWS.  This is a HUGE correction.  This means Hillary didn’t win both Ohio and Texas like Bill said she had to. This means they split the four states of Tuesday March 4. Networks need to issue the correction and do it often.  But I won’t hold my breath.

(update:  I thought the caucus count was over……apparently its not official yet…but certainly the talk of Hillary “winning Texas” is entirely questionable and probably prove wrong)


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