I’m the Anti-Earmarker President

From TalkingPoints memo,  re: just one of the ridiculous claims of Georgie Boy last night in his “State of the Illusion” speech last night.George Bush

It’s pretty safe to say that before the Bush administration, most Americans had no idea what an earmark was. But Bush, the earmark president, the man who presided over and enabled the Republican Congress during the Jack Abramoff and Duke Cunningham scandals, changed that. And now he’s decided that he’s really going to bring the hammer down on the practice now that the Republicans no longer run Congress (actually not so much bring the hammer down as threaten to bring the hammer down right before he leaves office).

Inept is way too kind. Liar, criminal, money launderer, reverse Robin Hood is more like it. To cover up lies and deception like this,  it’s better to appear inept,  and he has it down pat.

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