State of the Illusion

This speech,  as Keith Olbermann and Joe Biden marveled as well,  was from outer space,  which is where these idiot clowns inside the Bush administration live.   It is the “state” of “denial” of reality,  and a mythical construction that they sell to the uninformed or brainwashed through some illogical attachment.  He depends upon the lack of literacy among his supporters.  And he depends upon the propaganda of his political mutant  advisor, Karl Rove.  It was preaching to the choir,  like the idiot Card that is now talking (either idiot or insanely disingenuous,  probably the latter).  Look,  only the insanely brainwashed have an ounce of trust in this clown,  this imposter.  I am so glad that this was the last speech that he will make that is taken at all seriously (and the only reason it is here is because it is a tradition)

Andy Card is an idiot.  He should be ashamed.  He is a disgrace along with his imposter president.  I have never used the word President in the same sentence as Bush except to ask WHY?

(The nerve of Bush acting like he was against pork,  when he NEVER vetoed a spending bill, mostly because the vast majority of the pork was insisted upon by those for whom he bent over,  and helped and led the funneling of public money to the most corrupt of corporations who literally bled the American people from the bottom up for 7 years at rates unprecedented in our history. 

Sit down Waldo.

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