Bill Moyers Journal . Katrina Recovery Gone Wrong? | PBS


Two years after Katrina, casinos, hotels and condos are coming back strong in the hardest hit areas of Mississippi, but tens of thousands of people are still displaced—in limbo with no solution in sight.

…the Steps Coalition, which is fighting on behalf of families who are still in need of housing, and tracking what’s happened to the money Congress sent to rebuild. The Steps Coalition argues that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s recovery plan has made it difficult for the states’ poorest families to rebuild.

Bill Moyers Journal . Katrina Recovery Gone Wrong? | PBS

Looks like more of the “Shock Doctrine” continuing to work at bringing the “good news” of a “free market” (in the form of wiping away public housing and instituting school vouchers) in order to “rebuild”.  Disgusting.  These criminals must go (meaning Bush and Co., along with all their cronies seeking the “free market” they have decided is most free—and most profitable). 

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