Doc Responds to some "Clueless" comments on Cluetrain

Doc de-snarks some massive misinterpretations of Cluetrain

Well, not only did Cluetrain contain no “four C’s”, but neither the words “citizen” nor “citizenship” appear anywhere in the original website or the book.

While Cluetrain certainly has an ideological heart, it’s not “the cult of the amateur”, or the cult of anything.

And while I don’t yet know which “ethical and cultural truths” Andrew is talking about, I’m damn sure Cluetrain’s authors would never hope to replace them with “the feel-good language of public relations”. Which we crapped on rather forcefully in this chapter here.

Anyway, I’m sure Andrew’s book has lots of interesting stuff in it. I just hope that his sourcework is better than what he shows here in respect to Cluetrain.

Source: The Doc Searls Weblog : Monday, April 3, 2007

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