213 test for Live Writer

Atlanta 2007windows live writer test for wordpress 213.  Images still don’t work from live writer!   Rats!  I sure wish Wordpress could  get this right.  It worked so well for so long.  I thought that when the upgrade description said they had done significant improvement to the XML, that this would be the case. 

The blog world seems to be getting less usable. One might argue its all the web 2.0 stuff,  and the rush to get cool apps added to sidebars.  But I am frustrated that what was an exciting desktop blog editing app (Windows Live Writer) is constantly broken now since WordPress 2.1.x.   Images seemed to be no problem prior to that.  Now ,  every upgrade,  there’s a problem.  Of course,  with Community Server and Live Writer,  there seems to be no problem with images.  So……Wordpress,  whatz up? 

I just removed the photo from this post for WordPress, and everything loads fine. I’m bummed that WordPress seems unable to fix this,  or even giving much of an indication that this is a problem.  �


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