Just Do a Blog?

It seems that passions are needed for something OTHER than being hip, and doing blogs.  It’s like churches saying “Hey,  we’re a people church”.  OK.  How is that demonstrated?  Maybe by,  uh…..really highlighting WHO these people are.  Hopefully,  as witnesses to a Kingdom into which we have been called as participants,  the things that these people deem important are centered in what we as a church are about.

So it’s not a matter of “doing blogs”,  but creating a structure for them to BE,  and then we’ll see what happens.  We can’t “ensure” what they’re going to be ,  what “stories” they’re going to cover,  what “audiences they are going to draw”.  This is where the paradigms of marketing and capitalism are talking.  The Kingdom story breaks through in other means.  

About Theoblogical

I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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