A Bad Deal

 Bart Campolo on a theme that will soon be under great discussion as David Kuo’s book hits the shelves next week:  How the Religious Right is getting hoodwinked by the Bush administration.  I have known this since hearing W’s quip about “you just got to set religion aside when you gotta job to do”.  Uhhh….how in the world does something like this get past the Religious Right leadership?  Perhaps they are too enamored with their own perceptions of having power and clout to notice that their president is not one of them? 

While the Religious Right has delivered plenty of votes to the Republican Party, it has become increasingly obvious that pro-life legislation is not high on the Republican agenda.  Perhaps the Republicans are afraid of losing support among those fiscally conservative members of their party who tend to be pro-choice.  Perhaps they think pro-life rhetoric alone is enough to appease their evangelical base.  Perhaps the Religious Right has been hoodwinked by some politicians just playing politics.

In any case, it is high time pro-life evangelicals woke up to the fact that the countless Republicans they have elected over the years have given them practically nothing in return for their votes.

Of course, to be a truly pro-life evangelical, one must look at other issues besides abortion.  The war in Iraq has killed hundreds of thousands of people, and ravaged the lives of millions more.  The spiraling federal deficit will translate into even more death and suffering in years to come, unless we reign in our military spending and stop giving tax breaks to our wealthiest citizens.  Corporate abuse of the environment threatens the very viability of life on this planet. 

Source: bartcampolo » Pro-Life? Republican? Think Again…


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