“A Generation who Knew not Joseph” Today’s “conservatives” nothing like the old.

I had this comment to make as I got trollled in a thread on The Hill (which is the norm there,  as it is absolutely overrun with right wing trolls).  This one was in a thread under an article that was titled “Sanders courts Trump voters”,  which is a terrible title based on the quote from Sanders that prompted it,  Sanders merely said that Trump’s approach would not be able to “Make America Great again”.  This seems born out by one interview in particular,  where a Trump supporter was saying “I just think he’ll not take any crap” (or something allong those lines), to which  the interviewer asked “How?”  and the person says “I don’t care”.  Exactly.  No clue.  Boisterous words,  which is all Trump is.

“There arose a generation who knew not Joseph”. That seems to be the right wing problem now. Gone are the conservatives who benefited and acknowledged how well FDR ‘s New Deal “worked” (like my Dad, who was definitely conservative, but PRE-present day Republican, who didn’t see the need to construct new narratives to fit a dogma of right wing economics)

This occurred to me as I see increased allegiance by The Right to the narrative that FDR “really didn’t help our economy”.  (How could he have,  since “The Truth” (aka The Dogma) says that NOTHING good ever comes of higher taxes?)  Thus,  the revisionism is in full swing.  But it takes “a generation who KNEW NOT Joseph” to shed those people who actually lived through it and benefited from the GI Bill, Works Program,  etc.  Gone are the people who saw the backlash against the New Deal begin to eat away at the recovery,  only to see new recovery as corrections were made to the anti-New Deal “corrections”.  HIgher taxes had an inverse effect from what the Right now claims.  The country obviously did not shrivel and die.  Not to say that everything was just and righteous.  But the right wing meme of “FDR really sucked”  that is circulating now is revealing.


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