Occupy Movement: Christians have mixed reactions

This quote from a UMC pastor re: Occupy in Christianity Today has me thinking about the scale of church responses to Occupy:  At bottom,  is outright rejection and demonization (ala Fox and The Tea Party),  2)  condescension expressed in comments like  ” irrelevant” and “naive” 3) total ignoring 4) Skepticism about it’s ultimate effectiveness 5)  Hopefulness about it but dampened by some of the above  6) Similar to 5 but silent –  not talking about it out of fear of offending membership 7) Advocating, supportive,  but not moving beyond talk 8) Participation and support and investment.

This one seems like a 5.5 (skeptical,  and mostly silent or emphasizing “no OFFICIAL endorsement”).

The Rev. Jason Radmacher of John Street United Methodist Church told The Christian Post that he knew of some congregants who were part of Occupy Wall Street.

“We concluded that while our members should feel free to participate in protests … the congregation would not officially endorse the Occupy Wall Street movement,” said Radmacher.

“Moving forward, though, I think the movement should place less emphasis on occupying public space, and place more energy in articulating and advocating specific policies that can be debated, accepted, amended, or rejected.”


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